About Us

EngineGearOnline was established in 2000 as an online pump and engine maintenance accessories dealer. Our aim has always been to offer superior products and unmatched service, with a focus on:

  • Diesel Fuel Transfer
  • Lubricants & Oil Transfer
  • High-Performance AC & DC Pumps
  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Reversible Pumps
  • Adapter Fittings

Our product line offers the complete range of 12V and 24V voltages and flow ratings in our durable, trouble-free and versatile gear pumps. We have gear pumps and impeller pumps to meet your application requirements. All accompanied by outstanding customer service and two year warranty.

Our clients include defense contractors from many nations around the globe, and others who use our products in the construction and maintenance of a variety of military vehicles and vessels. Our compact and ultra-reliable DC pumps are also very popular with aviation, marine, racing and performance engine builders worldwide:

  • Armored Personel Carriers
  • United States Navy
  • Custom Aerobatic Aircraft Systems
  • Aircraft Support Systems
  • Motorbike Racing
  • Racing Turbo Applications
  • Marine Industry
  • Transportation Industry

Browse our full line of 12 volt and 24 volt diesel fuel and motor oil transfer pumps, as well as the many related parts and accessories. Contact us any time with any questions you may have.