Q. What size hose should I use to connect my oil change system?

A. We recommend a minimum of 1/2" ID hose or piping for all runs under 10 feet, and    5/8" ID or larger for longer runs. Use only high quality Type-A petroleum resistant hose.


Q. Are the gear pumps fixable with spares?

A. If the problem has to do with motor, or damaged pump head, the answer is no.


Q. Can I pump fuel with your pumps?

A. Our pumps are NOT rated for gasoline. However, you can pump diesel fuel and oil with all of the pumps.


Q. Can I run your pumps in reverse?

A. You can run the gear pumps in both directions without causing damage or shortening the service life of the pump. Please check product specifications for details.

 Q. Can your pumps be mounted in any orientation?

A. Our pumps will work in any orientation, but base mounted horizontal is optimal.


Q. Do I need to prime the pump before use?

A. You may have to prime the pump initially. After that they do not need to be primed for subsequent use. In most cases where the pump has problems with priming, there is an air leak on the pick-up side of the hose.


Q. How can I control the speed of the motor?

A. Do not use reduced voltage to control the pump speed. Use PWM DC motor speed controller.

They are very inexpensive on eBay or Amazon.


Q. What size fuse and wire should I use?

A. Fuse size can be found in the product page for the pump. Please view the Pump page for more details. Use “Slow blow” type fuses only to take the initial starting load on the motor.
We cannot answer which wire size you should use for each pump. There are too many variables. For specific installation, if you email us the total length (positive and negative) of the wire needed, we can send you a recommendation for wire size.


Q. Can I install my own fittings?

A. The adapter fittings that come with the gear pumps, are custom made for the pump.  The depth of the thread is critical. Using your own fittings negates the warranty, and can deform the pump housing. Such damage is not repairable


Q. Will the pump handle debris coming from the oil pan or the fuel tank?

A. All pumps will handle any organic contaminants usually found in fuel and oil tanks. If you are concerned about bigger particles, (sand, metal shaving, etc.) you should consider installing a strainer.